The Wandering Yogi: Yoga Pura in Phoenix, AZ

I enjoyed meditation and careful instruction in a warm studio.

When traveling on spring break with my family yoga I was excited to find a yoga studio right down the street from our resort: Yoga Pura

I arrived about 9 AM for my 9:30AM class. Being in a new location always makes me a bit anxious and I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get a feel for the space, and shop of course! This is also a nice reminder for me. Even if a student has practiced at other studios for years, walking through a new door of an unfamiliar space always brings a feeling of uneasiness. At Inner Bliss we want everyone feel welcome to avoid that feeling as much as possible.  

Yoga Pura exceeded my expectation. Upon arrival, they could not have been more welcoming. I paid $17.00 to drop in and made myself comfortable. The space was really cute, colorful and clean with plenty of seating. The darling boutique was filled with clothing, books, oil and even a small tea station which was a really nice touch.

When I walked into the large practice room I felt close to home. The light wood floors were similar to Inner Bliss and the teacher, Jennifer, had great energy reminding me of one of our own. The 90 minute practice was considered a Hot Powerful Flow but it was a little slower paced and the room was warm, but not hot.

When the class first began everyone went around the room and introduced themselves. This was a little strange to me, but nice to get of my comfort zone. This class was similar to what I was most used to except that the teacher would call your name out if she thought you were doing something right...or wrong. I am not used to this but it did make me feel like she really had her eye on her students.

We ended class with alternate nostril breathing which is a breathing technique that helps keep the mind calm and peaceful, plus it helps release tension and fatigue. At the end of class I left feeling lighter and happy wishing I had more time in Arizona to take another class. 

I found a little IB in AZ and cannot wait to return!

Yoga Pura
15440 N. 7th Street
Suite 1Phoenix, Arizona 85022
Phone: (602) 843-PURA (7872)

The Wandering Yogi also happens to be the Studio Manager at Inner Bliss, Michelle Hunt. She is a smiley soul who is deeply committed to her yoga practice. Read Michelle's bio →

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