The Inspiration Behind Binds & Balancing

by Shannon Sabol

I have learned to love binds & balances in my own yoga practice.

As I share and teach my students how to begin embracing binds and balances, a few things have become clear to me:

  • When I allow myself to be playful & curious, I feel more creative and open to new ideas
  • Balancing on one foot provides an opportunity to stay grounded when life feels shaky
  • I can fall on my face, fail miserably, and be grateful for an opportunity to try again
  • Balancing on my mat is usually a reflection of how I am balancing my life
  • By opening my shoulders and expanding my heart while binding poses, I can be still and hold an uncomfortable space...a great practice for life! 

Join me to learn the fundamentals of adding the fun dimension of Binds & Balances to your yoga practice!

Saturday, May 30, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, $14 or class package. Sign up here →

Shannon Sabol

Shannon Sabol

I first started practicing yoga in my living room with VHS tapes as a teenager. At the time I was a competitive figure skater, and enjoyed the flexibility aspect of yoga. There was a lot of pressure and constant competition while skating and performing, and after 14 years, I was ready for a change. I decided to trade in my skates for a yoga mat!

Once I started practicing regularly, I was hooked. I quickly learned that yoga is about the Self, not about competing with others. Yoga transformed me in so many ways: It brought balance into my life, provided a stronger mind-body-spirit connection, and is an opportunity for continual growth.

After I developed my practice, I wanted to share my love and enthusiasm for yoga with others and become a teacher. I completed the 200-hour EFWA Program with Deanna Black in 2008. I am growing as a teacher everyday and hope to inspire others to bring yoga into their lives. I believe that once you have an open mind and heart, you can receive all of the wonderful physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. My classes are fun, energizing, vibrant, and have a dance-like vinyasa flow style.