The Wandering Yogi: Hot Yoga with Joe

At this studio, I learned about spinal alignment and moving slowly with intention. It was HOT!

After leaving Tonic, I drove over to another studio in Maumee called Hot Yoga with Joe, which I found on the internet.

The room was close to 100 degrees. We were moving slowly but I was very sweaty!
— The Wandering Yogi

Upon arrival I was greeted by Joe himself as I paid the 15.00 drop in rate which includes taking a picture of your spine before and after class, proving that alignment can improve after just one yoga class! The main focus of this class was deep rib cage breathing with natural body alignment where the focus is more on the posture not on the poses.  

Let me explain. The room was close to 100 degrees when you walk in. I love practicing in the heat since my muscles perform much better warm, but it was hot!  During the 75 minute class we were moving very slowly, but I was very sweaty!

This was not a typical vinyasa style yoga class like we teach at Inner Bliss. We began by massaging our own hands and arms with lotion, which Joe explained prepares the body to move and although we did some familiar poses we did very few of them and moved very slowly. Even the breathing was different, at the top of each pose we held our breathe and tightened all of our muscles before consciously exhaling. We did this throughout the entire class, which is a challenge especially if you are not used to it. We were told that this is how we teach our body and mind to release and let go, interesting!  

I realized how difficult it was for me to move so slow with such long holds with sweat dripping in my eyes.  It's much easier for me to move quickly, both in life and in a yoga class. Just when you are ready to get out of a pose, you need to stay longer and breathe! This was the most different type of yoga class I've ever taken. It was quite the opposite of the vinyasa yoga that I am used to and have come to love, but this class was also one of the most informative.

This felt more like a workshop than a typical yoga class to me. I would recommend it to anyone looking to sweat, relax and improve alignment. Joe knows his stuff!  The cool lavender towel during savasana sealed the deal for me at this studio.  

All in all, I enjoyed Maumee, it felt like a tiny little yoga retreat.  There were several other studios in the area that I hoped to get to, but couldn't hit them all since their classes are all offered at the same times. Hey Maumee, if you are listening, there might be a market for some lunchtime classes in the area:)

Hot Yoga With Joe is located at 29101 Hufford Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551
(419) 345-0885

Where should I wander to next?

The Wandering Yogi also happens to be the Studio Manager at Inner Bliss, Michelle Hunt. She is a smiley soul who is deeply committed to her yoga practice. Read Michelle's bio →

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