Optimal Wellness Treats


Dr. Keith Jordan of Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood, Ohio has delivered some offerings to the Inner Bliss community!

The Practice, an insightful and inspiring book about fully living and unconditionally loving in your life, is available for free while they last at our Westlake studio.

Dr. Jordan also brought some Good 'n Raw Kale chips, a favorite snack of ours, perfect for students who are participating in The Experience Workshop.


Dr. Keith Jordan is a licensed chiropractor with a doctoral degree from the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. He is the founder of the Optimal Wellness Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and the lecture series, Getting Out of Your Own Way. Dr. Jordan found his calling and learned powerful lessons over fifteen years of helping patients heal physical, biochemical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses. His relationship with the Divine has driven his life and is the foundation of his healing work. Dr. Jordan has come to understand that all healing starts from within. He has dedicated his life to helping people learn to live fully and to love their lives unconditionally.

Thank you Dr. Jordan!