The Experience, Meeting One: Rituals vs. Routines

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates

While The Experience Workshop allows us to nourish our bodies with whole foods and our souls with lots of yoga, our daily lives can be altered as well, with the goal of showing up as the best version of ourselves.

At our first group meeting, our group leader Tammy shared some thoughts and recommendations about the workshop. 

  • History - The Experience has been a recurring workshop at Inner Bliss for the past 9.5 years. It is formerly known as The Immersion.
  • Lifelessness - We live in our heads, not our bodies in our culture. We have a sort of flat, egocentric existence, which can in some ways be characterized as lifeless.
  • Mindfulness - This Experience Workshop infuses the importance of spending conscious time in your body with conscious time in your mind. We need to live more whole-heartedly, not just as a head walking around. 
  • Routines - When we become comfortable in our routines, we don't carve out space for body awareness or mindfulness. 
  • Rituals - This two weeks will help us focus on what is critical and what is sacred. We will introduce sacred rituals into our daily lives that just might stick, as that which we make sacred, ends up in our heads and manifesting in our lives.
  • Twin Powers - While a Routine is the way to get things done, incorporating Rituals fortifies it, gives it meaning and purpose.
  • Small but mighty - Adding small, specific elements to our life can help bring us back to what's important.
  • Check out these ideas for incorporating Ritual into your life→