Why Patty Shows Up

Every single time I show up, I walk out physically looser and mentally stronger.

I show up for different reasons at different times.

Sometimes, because I cannot wait to get on the mat on a cold winter day and pull in my knees into the chest and take a nice, juicy body twist. Some days, just to hear one of my favorite teachers use the word juicy and twist in the same sentence.

There are times I show up, because I made a commitment to myself that morning, knowing that I would probably prefer to sit on my couch, yet feel so much better if I showed up on my mat that evening. Some days, to de-stress and get my mind off a hard day’s work, other days, to challenge my mind to stay present in the moment for one hour of my day.

Yoga teaches me that I can use my breath to stay in an uncomfortable yoga pose and then use the same breath to navigate through an uncomfortable situation. But more importantly, I always walk away with a gentle reminder to be kinder, braver, true to self or open minded.