The Wandering Yogi: Jiva Yoga, Hilton Head Island

On this Wandering Yogi trip I had a few friends join me while visiting a friend in Hilton Head South Carolina. 

We decided to give Jiva Yoga a try and arrived early enough to chat with the owner while shopping in the darling boutique filled with hats, clothing, jewelry and books.  

Initially we thought we signed up for Jiva Flow but had actually signed up for the 75 minute Align & Slow Flow. We don't always get what we want but we always get what we need, right? I will say, I really got what I needed. 

We began the class massaging our own feet to "prepare the body for the poses to come." It felt strange to do so but really, it's just another way to really take care of ourselves properly. After doing some floor work the class consisted of a lot of balancing poses and folds. We moved more slowly then I am used to, with longer holds, and Karen made sure our alignment was perfect.  

I really enjoyed the slower pace, with the focus being on alignment. Karen led the class in a warm and wonderful way, paying close attention to each and every student in the class. She reminded us to "relax our face muscles, otherwise, it's just a waste of energy." She really has a way of making everyone feel seen. 

This class felt much more like a workshop to me than a regular class and I felt grateful to slow things down, as I was reminded to "stay present and don't leave the area," which is great advice that stuck with me as we moved not only through the rest of the practice but for the rest of the weekend with my dear friends.   

When vacationing in Hilton Head I highly recommend Jiva Yoga to enhance your trip!  I will be back. Where should I wander to next?

Jiva Yoga
1032 William Hilton Pkwy,
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(843) 247-4549

The Wandering Yogi also happens to be the Studio Manager at Inner Bliss, Michelle Hunt. She is a smiley soul who is deeply committed to her yoga practice. Read Michelle's bio →

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