My Aha! Moment: Busy is No Longer a Badge of Honor

For many decades, being busy was a badge of honor, that we wore proudly and boldly on our chests.

But if you and I are anything alike, this badge of honor took its toll.

I realized that getting it all done actually meant doing less.
— Jennifer Yuhas

Like proud city pigeons, our puffed-up egos were stroked by how much ‘work’ we were cramming into our lives, how many appointments we had on the books and how many networking events we circuited during happy hours. 

During my 15 year career in the world of nonprofit fundraising, I experienced a sense of dread, uncertainty and overwhelming anxiety as I headed into work each day. My days were so packed with meetings and appointments and deadlines that there was no room to effectively cope. I lost who I was and instead rode the highs and lows of everyone else's highs and lows.  

My mind was foggy, my spirit gloomy and my belly getting bigger. I was a bonafide stress ball ready to bust yet I thought that was normal, the way life should be. I bought into the notion that being super busy was being successful. What I didn’t realize was that I was just skimming the surface of life feeling nothing at all but that all too familiar punch to the gut and lump in the throat.  

What if the remedy to the burnout, the dread, and the Monday morning gloom and doom was taking time to not ‘do’ anything, to not be so busy, to not be so fatigued. Devoting a period of time every day (yes, every day) to reestablish your personal vision, goals, convictions and confidence? What if the remedy to getting it all done meant doing less? This discovery led me to a new clear, focused and calm approach to work. My tasks no longer felt insurmountable, but rather invigorating.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could look forward to the water cooler talk and daily meetings? We have lots of ideas of how we can help you, too achieve this!

Meet Bliss Works. 

Bliss Works is an extension of Inner Bliss Yoga Studios, offering yoga and meditation services beyond the walls of our studios, at your workplace. Bliss Works brings the incredible power of yoga practices to you, to enhance your life and work, leaving you and your colleagues feeling a fresh approach to work. We will teach you how to achieve more by doing less. Get to know Bliss Works, it works!

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