I love the practice of sharing what is working for me with others, it feels like a way to give and receive simultaneously.

My Bliss Blog is a brand new thing for me and I hope full of discoveries for all of us.


CLE Peeps – CLE is full of great teachers, innovators, creators, makers, leaders and trailblazers.  I will personally curate messages from our local agents of change and growth and share them with you.  

Good Stuff – things that are more than things that I like that I think you might like too.

Local Eats – there are those places that simply nourish our beings when we pop in for a bite, a drink or to catch up someone we love. Local Eats is dedicated to sharing those places and spaces we get nourished in some way!  

Mantras – Mantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning a “sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel.” A mantra evokes a certain visceral experience within when spoke aloud or to oneself.  Mantras move our energy in a specific way.  We can build a mantra to manifest the dreams we are dreaming.  I will  be offering some ideas for mantras. Try them on, how do the words feel in your heart, in your belly.  

Music  that is moving me - just good tunes that are evocative and make you want to move your bod, shake your tail or breathe deeply (music is often the source for our greatest moments of feeling a full range of emotion/motion).

Read – I will be sharing some of those words that seem to be influenced by the divine (& the one who spoke them).  These messages/teachings/quotes will be from all over and from all sources including books, articles, songs, blogs, etc.