Robert Kurtz

Yoga found me as I was unknowingly peeking behind the curtain. I was hired as a photographer to shoot a workshop at a local spa which had invited an old sage to speak about the practice to a room full of devotees. I remember thinking that the man's demeanor was so jovial and serene yet incredibly powerful. I was encouraged to put down my camera and join the class for what I would learn was called Yoga Nidra. After that experience, I felt a subtle yet major shift in my awareness.

After that, I began to seek it out more on my own. My path brought me to a few friends who have been, and still are, my first real teachers. Through love and support during my darkest of days, I grew to incorporate a yoga practice into my life and continue to do so now in happier times. Unity will always be the core of my practice because it was through friendship and kindness that I was given the gift of deeper self-awareness. I love practicing by myself, with people I don't know, and especially with an old friend who I haven't seen in a long time.

The best thing about yoga is… its ability to take all the personalities I have going on inside my head and get them to agree: the warrior, the child, the lover, the magician and several others who are still being discovered!  

Without yoga… I’d be unaware of my patterns and unaware of my blessings. 

I am not defined by… my body, it is only the vessel in which I am currently contained.   

Love is… eternal and the mystery that moves me.

The best hugs are… heart to heart.

The best time of day is… anytime you feel present and free.  

I heart Cleveland because… after many years trying to escape I’ve been led back to rediscover my roots and witness the pure potential that I am and that Cleveland is.  Plus, Cleveland is like me, humble, creative, full of contrast, hardworking, and little gritty.    

Locally you might find me…  Eating in Asiatown,  strolling in the Metroparks, riding the RTA system, or dancing in the streets between any of my destinations.  

If I could live anywhere I would live… as a gypsy traveling to a new place every so often.  

To keep things interesting… I like learning other languages and reinventing myself every couple of years by taking on new careers, new cities and meeting new people!