Robert Kurtz

Bliss Maker

Yoga found me when I had moved back to Cleveland after 2 years living abroad. I was working in a field that I felt didn’t call forth my best attributes and was suffering trying to find my purpose. A friend of mine was beginning his journey towards teaching yoga and offered classes at his house for his friends.  

At first it started out as a social outlet that was less destructive than going out to bars and partying while I was trying to find my path. As I began to develop a practice I started to realize that I was already on my path and that my purpose was in the here and now. After experiencing the bliss of a still mind and a balanced body, I wanted more and began experimenting with different teachings. That is what has led me to Innerbliss where I am currently cultivating my practice and growing my yoga community!

The best thing about yoga is… calming the mind. 

Without yoga… I’d be less aware of my blessings.  

I am not defined by… my body, it is only the vessel in which I am contained.   

Love is… eternal.

The best hugs are… heart to heart.

The best time of day is… anytime you feel present and free.  

I heart Cleveland because… after many years trying to escape I’ve been led back to rediscover my roots and fall in love with my hometown!

Locally you might find me…  at The Root, in the Metroparks, or dancing anywhere there is music.

If I could live anywhere I would live… Here in the summer and Perú in the winter! 

To keep things interesting… I like learning other languages especially Spanish.