Laura Hlebovy Ross

Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher

I remember taking my first yoga class in my late teens/early twenties with my sister at a fitness center. Since we both had a background in ballet, we thought - easy peasy!  Ummmmm.....we were way wrong. We giggled our way through most of the class, and I believe we even snuck out a little early. Years later, I was ready!  

I began practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2006 while living and working in Columbus, OH. I started with a beginners class, and soon found myself returning daily as I not only felt a shift physically, but mentally as well. When I moved back to Cleveland in 2008, I eagerly searched for a new studio to continue my practice. I stumbled into Inner Bliss totally unprepared for a Hot Power Flow, no towel, no sticky mat, no water....but loved every second of the practice!  

In 2010, I decided to further develop my practice and completed my 200 hour teacher training through Cleveland Yoga. Although I have been practicing for many years, I try and approach each class with the beginners mindset.  Just as in life, I believe this practice has ebbs and flows, but ultimately meets you exactly where you are.... which is exactly where you need to be in the moment! I am BEYOND excited to take my practice again to another level, and join the IBY teaching team!

Why yoga?  
Because yoga accepts you just as you are.

What makes you come alive?
Early morning jogs, a strong cup of coffee, hearing my two boys laughter, and a hot, sweaty yoga class (of course!).

3 words to describe your teaching style: 
Energetic, Compassionate, Strong.

Life before yoga:
Full of self-doubt

Life After yoga:
Strong yet soft, driven and compassionate. Balanced. Grateful. AWAKE!

Secret pleasure:
Pizza and movie night with my husband Nick and two boys Benni and Harrison. 

What is in your backpack:
Lip gloss, superglue, zoo-pass, earrings, bracelets, hair-ties and old receipts. 

What impact do you want to leave on the world:
Oy Vey! I guess I would hope to leave the world a little more compassionate. I hope that my smile or compassion might have a ripple effect, and ultimately "do good" even if it just impacts one person....that would be enough.  

If you had 4 legs & you were furry, what would you be?
Koala Bear.  I was the cutest animal that came up in a google search for 4 legged animal :)

You are stuck on an island and can bring 3 things. What would they be?
My boys, my music, and a hat.