Kerrie Johnson

Bliss Maker

I stumbled in to my first yoga class at a local gym. Searching for a way to help deal with the stresses of a new career as a high school English teacher, yoga seemed like the perfect way to do just that. From the moment the lights were dimmed and the teacher began, I was hooked.  

The gym yoga class opened to door for me, and Inner Bliss helped me fall in love with the practice.  

Yoga has made me stronger, kinder, more flexible (in mind and body), and a happier person. I love the energy and drive behind Inner Bliss and I'm so excited to be a part of Team Bliss!

The best thing about yoga is.... you get out of your practice what you put in to your practice.

Without yoga.... I would be crankier and less flexible.

I am not defined by.... any one action.  I am greater than the sum of my parts.

Love is.... everywhere around us -- in nature, in a smile from a stranger, in a kind word.

The best hugs are... from my four nephews.

The best time of day is... the first big stretch at the start of a new day.

I heart Cleveland because... it's like the kid in high school that nobody thought would ever amount to anything, and now it's showing everyone who's boss.

Locally you might find me at... Trader Joes, Burning River CrossFit, or at any number or local restaurants. 

If I could live anywhere I would live... Charleston, SC.

To keep things interesting I ....  read as much as I can and try to be well informed.  

My guilty pleasure is... Double Stuf Oreos, ice cream for dinner, and trashy TV.

I am so blessed... to have an amazing family and fantastic friends.

I always.... try to look at all sides of a situation and extend compassion.