Kathy Hayes

Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher

Kathy found yoga after years of competitive running left her with no other options.  Over stressed joints combined with a stressful corporate job were the perfect storm for finding yoga.  

At the time, Bikram yoga was booming in San Francisco where Kathy lived, so she gave it a try and found her love.  After 6 months of practice and thousands of gallons of sweat, she headed to LA and  enrolled in Bikram teacher training. 
Upon completing training she moved to Michigan to resume her corporate job, but couldn't leave yoga behind.  She started a yoga program at a local nature center and also began a yoga program at Whirlpool's world headquarters.  

When Kathy moved to Cleveland she discovered Inner Bliss and found her yoga home.  She delighted in the sense of community and IBY experience.  She taught here for a few years before taking an opportunity to fulfill a dream to live and work overseas.   Kathy continued teaching in Europe, sharing yoga with her Nestle counterparts.  

In addition to Bikram Kathy has studied with David Swenson, Cameron Shane Shiva Rae, Anna Forrest and Kathryn Budig among others. 

Kathy loves to teach beginners as she is happy to share the potential of the practice, but also loves teaching advanced students, having fun exploring new poses and breathing techniques and going deeper.  

The best thing about yoga is… you can do it anywhere - no equipment needed! I do mountain pose in line at the grocery store.

Without yoga… I'd be so type A you would be able to stand me! 

I am not defined by… my opinion of myself.

Love is… everywhere.

If I could live anywhere I would live… among good friends.

The best time of day is… on my mat.

I heart Cleveland because... the people are the BEST.

Locally you might find me… walking around Shaker Heights marveling at the architecture.

The best hugs are… plentiful.

To keep things interesting… I get out of my comfort zone and travel internationally immersing in new cultures.