Justin Glanville

Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher


Justin started practicing yoga in 2000 while living in New York City. Following the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, he delved deeper into his practice as a way of dealing with the impermanence and uncertainty of the world. Frustrated and bored with traditional gym workouts, Justin found in yoga a system that exercised the mind as well as the body. He also loved that yoga, unlike most team sports, is typically practiced in a social yet non-striving environment, allowing a connection with other people without the stress of competition.

He practiced at studios all over New York before becoming a regular practitioner at Cyndi Lee's OM Yoga in Lower Manhattan. In 2005, he completed OM’s 200-hour teacher certification program, shortly before moving back to Cleveland to enter a graduate program in urban studies.

He has studied meditation at the Zen Center of New York City and at Thich Nhat Hanh’s Blue Cliff Monastery. His classes, while physically challenging, emphasize the importance of asana practice as a basis for seated meditation. He lives in the Gordon Square/Detroit Shoreway neighborhood of Cleveland. You can find him online at www.justinglanville.com.

In his other lives, he's an urban planner and writer of the New to Cleveland book.

How I unwind… Immersing myself in another world -- whether that's a book, a movie, a great TV show, a yoga class, a walk, cooking...

I believe in CLE because... So many reasons. We've got great architectural bones; arts, culture and sports galore; and a history that never ceases to teach and fascinate. And the great thing is, I see more and more people believing every day.

My classes are... Centering, heat-building, fun.

The breath is… Something we can always choose, even when everything else feels out of our control.

I love the season of… Fall. It's a time to focus, let the busy-ness of summer settle, see what's calling out.

What makes me come alive… Collaborating with others, whether on a creative project, planning an event, or in the practice of finding my breath.

Other ways I move my body… Lately I've been loving long walks with my dog Vinny. Edgewater Park is our favorite destination.

First pet’s name… Max. And before you ask, the first street I lived on was Hawthorne Drive, so my stripper name is Max Hawthorne.

Favorite indulgence... Mitchell's Ice Cream! Need I say more?

Words that lift my heart… You can't fail, you can only learn.