Jeanna Lax

Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

Before finding yoga, I studied dance for many years and considered pursuing it professionally. When life brought me down a different road, I found yoga to supplement that persistent need to connect with my body, unwind, breathe, and move through space and time without the noisy chatter of my mind.

I was lucky to have had dance teachers who incorporated yoga principles and poses in their teaching, but I didn't even know that I was basically practicing yoga almost every day! I was more than pleased when I discovered my first yoga class, because it is everything I wanted it to be but without the competition and fuss!

Yoga has provided me with the opportunity to look within, and to strengthen the connection that I have with my body, my mind, my soul, the environment, and with the people in my life. Being at Inner Bliss and sharing in this experience with others is such a wonderful gift! 

Why yoga? Yoga teaches me to be present in myself.  Presence is the key to my happiness.  

What makes you come alive? Dancing. I know. Cliche. But seriously. We don't do this often enough. Where do people dance in Cleveland? Please tell me.

Three words to describe your teaching style:
Calm. Liberating. Playful.  

Life before yoga? Hmmm... do you really want to know? Stressful, anxious, fearful, worry-filled, negative, and often depressing! I made too many plans and wasted so much time being disappointed when none of them worked out. 

Life After yoga? Incredibly liberating and joyful. I am more accepting, forgiving, curious, playful, alive, and happy. I make way fewer plans, and live life moment to moment.  

Secret pleasure? Seeing the expression when someone's paradigm has been shifted. Sometimes I can hear the explosion sound effect in my head when I see that moment. It is pure and beautiful. I love it.   

What is in your backpack? Pens and a notebook. There are always just so many things to write down!  

What impact do you want to leave on the world? I want to redefine the meaning of the words "love" and "freedom." Love is acceptance. Freedom is a state of mind without any attachments. Want to wax philosophic on this with me? I'm always down! 

If you had 4 legs & you were furry, what would you be? A dwarf rabbit in a huge garden of perfect organic vegetables and no predators within 20 miles. Yes, I've thought a lot about this while staring at my pet dwarf rabbit who is no longer with us. She just looked so peaceful and happy.     

You are stuck on an island and can bring 3 things. What would they be? Moon Safari by (band) Air and I would listen to it through a coconut obviously, a copy of Love, Freedom, and Aloneness (Osho), and a yo-yo. Duh.