Healthy for the Holidays


by Daneen Farrall

Yoga works.

Whether we spend 15 or 75 minutes on our mat, we feel better after we practice.

Curious about our physiological response to the discipline of yoga, I began a collaboration with my personal doctor, friend, yogi (and now fellow yoga teacher). We looked at the research, and studied poses, and were able to link the why this works to our vinyasa flow practice.

This Healthy through the Holidays Functional Flow series is the natural outgrowth of this relationship and study. We all can feel a little tapped out physically, emotionally, and energetically around the winter holiday season and this wrap-around 4-part series will provide you with a profound physical practice, as well as the science behind why these practices work. This year I’m happy to present this series with the help of Sally Brooks.

If you register for the entire series, between each class, students will receive online support as well as a Yoga Prescription to help you carry your practice out of the studio and into the hustle & bustle of this time of year. Commit to your wellness and join us for the entire series, or choose just the options that work best for you in order stay healthy, clear and bright through your holidays.

Past participant testimonials:

Very welcoming. Being new to yoga, I did not know what to expect. I liked the intimacy of the group and the small area. I liked that we worked with both the body and the mind. I liked the talks that created a bit of community.
I like the small group environment.
I like the teaching of yoga and how it relates to our body.
I like the combination of information and yoga practice.

Each 75-minute session includes a 60-minute Vinyasa Flow practice and a 15-minute tailored, thoughtful topic discussion. $22/class, or $80 for all 4. Advanced registration is required. Please register by the Wednesday prior to class. Space is limited. 13 student maximum.

Sun Nov 24 / Grounded & Grateful - A Vinyasa Flow that focuses on feeling both rooted and open hearted; preparing you for travel, family, and all the holiday gatherings.

Sun Dec 1/ Rinse & Release - Warm Yoga Flow with poses that focus on keeping the digestive system supple and strong.

Sun Dec 8/ Balanced & Bright - A Vinyasa Flow for building balance, resilience and strength when time is short and schedules tight.

Sun Dec 15/ Peace & Ease - A "Yin-yasa" class focusing on longer holds and consistent breath patterns to build patience and grace in the midst of hustle and bustle.