Teacher Feature: Jeanna

Meet Jeanna!

She's our downtown anchor, and lights up her classes with her true passion for yoga. Read on!

Tell us about the path that led you to yoga. 

The hardest part of teaching yoga? Ending class on time. I just want to give everyone an extra long Savasana with tons of assists!
— Jeanna

My first official yoga class was on the carpeted floors of a student center at a University in Quebec City, Canada. I was studying French as a second language, and my friend asked me to join her at a free yoga class. The teacher led the class in French, so I was hyper focused since I did not know yoga terms in French yet. That language challenge created an intense present moment awareness that made me feel more blissful than ever before! I walked out of class floating on clouds, I was totally hooked. 

What keeps you coming back to yoga?

Knowing that it is my personal reset button, it offers me time and space to center myself. Yoga practice turns off all the unnecessary thinking processes and turns on the “feeling and being” processes. Yoga is like the system restore for my body, mind, and spirit. 

What's the best part about teaching yoga?

Everything! I love connecting with other people. I love being in a room of intentional breathing and collective movement.  I love making playlists and sharing my passion for music. I love that I can be myself, showing people a great way to take care of themselves while having fun! 

The hardest part?

Ending class on time. I just want to give everyone an extra long Savasana with tons of assists!

What's the one thing you want your students to understand about practicing yoga?

It is all about the breath, the presence, the self-care, and the self-love. I want students to practice self-awareness and self-connection, not self-improvement. Challenge yourself to grow and try new things, but never think you need to fix or change yourself in any way. It’s impossible. Be who you are, and get to know yourself so well that you become a master of yourself.  

What's it like being based at IBY Downtown?

Being Downtown is like watching a renaissance taking place. Cleveland is blooming and growing right now. The location near Playhouse Square keeps me in the loop on what plays are happening, what concerts people are going to, and we have had so many touring actors, musicians, and athletes come to take classes in our studio!  

Share a little known fact about yourself. A hidden talent perhaps? 

I play guitar, I sing, and I’m a photographer. I don’t think it is a hidden talent per say, but music and art light me up. Check out my websites, and let me know if you ever need a photographer, illustrator, or musician! I will put together some fun live music yoga classes very soon! Stay tuned…