Megan Shows Up

Yoga is growth, acceptance, letting go, and encouragement to keep breathing through tough stuff, good stuff, and all the stuff in between.
— Megan Flanigan

I started practicing yoga to compliment my triathlon and running.  At first it was for the “stretching.”  I remember working with Jennifer Yuhas in pigeon pose one session. I got to that place where I wanted to “get out,” but her inspiring words kept me in the pose and “I got it.” 

As Mayor, my duties are incredibly stressful and challenging – I show up because yoga brings to the surface what I need to work on in my life.  It also helps me when I get in those “sticky situations” off the mat.  

I’ve been attending Inner Bliss Yoga Studio since 2011 and working with Jen Yuhas in private sessions as well. Words cannot explain how much I love your space, message, and everything about IBY. You have truly helped me through so much over the last several years. I ❤️ IBY, thank you!