Runners Gain Vast Benefits From Yoga

The many health benefits of running can be enhanced by a regular yoga practice.

The many health benefits of running can be enhanced by a regular yoga practice.

The Cleveland Marathon this weekend will see thousands of determined and rigorously trained athletes.

Runners like these can vastly benefit from a regular yoga practice.

Veteran runner and Inner Bliss Yoga Studio founder / owner shares her thoughts on how yoga compliments a runner's fitness regimen.

To me, the complimentary experiences of running plus a regular yoga practice have unmatched benefits for the trio, body, mind and soul.
— Tammy Lyons

Running is a beautiful way to get outside, move your body and get energy flowing. Regular running boosts the mood by releasing endorphins and awakening the senses.  

But as a veteran runner (30+ years), I know all too well it leaves its mark on the body. Tight hamstrings, tight hips, tight quadriceps, tight shoulders & sore feet.  

Yoga is an effective compliment for most any runner. Among the benefits, yoga allows for:

  • Lengthening hamstrings
  • Releasing tight quadriceps
  • Opening hips 
  • Getting the feet to stretch and release

Talk to any of the Inner Bliss teachers if you have questions about running and yoga, or if you are interested in trying yoga for the first time. While it may seem intimidating to get started, the focus on breath and gentle movements may just leave you calm and prepared for your next run.

I came to the mat 15 years ago in search of a sweeter physical expression, craving a spiritual ground and a need to make peace with my body.

After receiving my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Silver Lotus Yoga Institute in the fall of '01 with Susan Hamadock in Rehoboth Beach, DE, I opened Inner Bliss Yoga January 2, '02 in the original Lakewood location. We moved to Beachcliff in Rocky River 18 months later and then into the current Lake location a year after that. In August of 2012 we opened our second location in Westlake.  

The intention of Inner Bliss has always been to encourage a vibrant yoga community on the Westside of Cleveland with a safe, nurturing environment for the the practice of vinyasa yoga.

I am thankful to all of my teachers, past and present, but the greatest teachers are my students who fill me with inspiration and gratitude even during my most difficult moments.

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