Rituals to Enhance The Experience

The fresh, heart-centered approach to this Experience Workshop makes it an especially meaningful one.

This time of backing out of habits is such fertile ground for also creating some sacred in our lives through heart expanding rituals. Here are a few ideas for you to consider adding to your Experience.  

1. Morning Mantra: 

Repeat a simple mantra for 30 seconds or so before getting out of bed.  More on mantras→

Repeat a simple mantra for 30 seconds or so before getting out of bed. More on mantras→

When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed take 30 seconds to move a positive mantra through your mind to remember that your day is more than an execution of a to do list. To get your mind moving in an awe-inspiring direction, fixate on a message that lifts you up. Your mantra can be simple:

  • love more
  • see the divine
  • breathe deeply
  • let go
  • relax


2. Shower of love:

As you step into the shower each morning pause for a moment and feel the water on your skin and remember a time when you felt loved. Close your eyes and let the fullness of that memory warm your heart. Then wash your hair.

Soak in the outdoors.

Soak in the outdoors.

3. Take a Walk Outside:

Each day, for even 5 minutes, walk outside. Exercise all 5 senses and remember the power of feeling the air on your skin, smelling the smells of March, tasting fresh air in your mouth, seeing the details of that which is naturally occurring all around you and hear the sounds of outside. That’s it. It’s that simple. Notice how you feel afterwards.  


4. Evening Revival:

Before going to bed, READ, even if only a page or 2, of an uplifting book. Going to sleep with goodness on your mind can only improve the value of sleep you get and give you the best chance to awaken the next day revived. You can see a list of suggested books here →


These rituals are enhanced by a regular yoga practice and can be practiced daily.

Check out our yoga class schedule here →