Greetings and Happy New Year from Team Bliss!

As the holiday craze begins to feel like a distant memory and the new year gently unfolds we begin our yearly work of pressing the reset button.

What a great opportunity we give ourselves each year to shed unwanted layers of stress, self-doubt, over-commitment or whatever it might be. Our kids can easily become equally over-stressed, over-stimulated and over-committed needing that reset just as much as we do. This year, why not include your kids in those New Years Resolutions?

Here are some easy and fun ways to include your little ones:

  1. Create a Gratitude Jar (check out a great tutorial here)
  2. Exchanging positive affirmations with the family over dinner
  3. Sharing high fives, hugs, or smiles with someone everyday
  4. Dedicate a "peace place" space in your house for regrouping, reflection, or rest
  5. Practice more yoga!

Cheers to new beginnings, to more quality time with our families, to a year full of bliss!

– Cheri and the rest of Team Bliss