What is a Whole Food?

When making choices about the foods you eat, consider whole, unprocessed and natural foods. 

How do you know what qualifies as a whole food? Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Was this food changed in any way since its origin? The answer should be NO.

  2. Was this food enhanced - other than being washed - at all? The answer should be NO.

  3. Did this food naturally occur in this state? The answer should be YES.

You will find that when buying whole foods at a typical grocery store, you are shopping mainly the perimeter of the store, focusing on the fresh fruits, veggies and nuts and perhaps meat. 

Begin by simply choosing foods that have one ingredient - their own, and if there is a question, trust your gut!  

Esteemed author and health and nutrition expert Michael Pollan thoroughly describes how whole, fresh foods are a better choice than processed food products in a great New York Times article, Unhappy Meals

Enjoy the simple, delicious flavor of single-ingredient foods.