'The Experience' Friendly Food Ideas

What can I eat?

This a question that we often hear from our Inner Bliss Experience Workshop participants.

It is recommended that you stick to whole, natural, unprocessed foods to nourish your body during The Experience in a healthful way at snack time and during meals. We offer you the following suggestions, and welcome your ideas as well!

Choose fresh, whole and natural foods to nourish your body.

Choose fresh, whole and natural foods to nourish your body.

  • Chunked veggies (zucchini, squash, mushrooms, red peppers, etc) - toss with olive oil, rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar and eat cold or pan cook…yum!  You can add tofu or fish for some protein.
  • Popcorn - Make your own super healthy version with brown paper lunch bags and plain kernels. Place a 1/4 cup in the brown bag, fold the top over 3 times and microwave 1 minute, 25 seconds.  (note that your microwave may require some adjusting) Grate fresh sea salt over your popcorn.  
  • Seeds -  Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, any other seeds you can find!
  • Smoothies - add fresh fruit, oats to thicken, a sprinkle of soy milk or rice milk!  Blend and enjoy!  There are tons of recipes out there.
  • Soups - make your own broth based or tomato based soups, then add in all kinds of fresh veggies
  • Avocado – so good for you & satisfying!  Add tomatoes, maybe spices & garlic, add greens and you have a delicious salad!
  • Peanut butter - all natural, unsweetened (crunchy) with apples/celery or on a spoon!  A great snack with lots of protein!  Exercise moderation, 1-2 spoonfuls per day.
  • Oatmeal (whole oats) - steamed or cooked with nuts and berries (add a little honey if you must).
  • Fresh fish/meat with veggies – prepare your FRESH meat and fish as naked as possible with a little olive oil and herbs
  • All kinds of nuts - raw or all natural is best with as little salt as possible. Exercise moderation: 1-2 handfuls per day.
  • Salad - with (pure) balsamic vinegar and a pinch olive oil. Heinen's offers a great fresh salad bar, just stick to just naked veggies and nuts. Stay away from marinated or enhanced options. 
  • Fruit - Any fruit that is fresh and not canned, frozen or processed in any way. Bananas in the morning are very satisfying, apples help with digestion and grapes & pineapple satisfy a sweet tooth!
  • Root veggies - sweet potatoes, plantains, parsnips, beets and squash can be par cooked, sliced, tossed in olive oil and sea salt and baked for a filling, wholesome snack
  • Whole Grains - barley, quinoa and spelt can be cooked or steamed
  • Beans (black, kidney, chick peas) that are preferably not canned or frozen. 
  • Bars (only those that are all natural and whole) - an easy snack to carry along, such as LARABAR and Kind Bars. Read labels, as many bars have added sugar and other processed sweeteners. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just some of our favorites. Don't forget to drink your water!