Halle Shows Up

Inner Bliss is a sanctuary for the mind.
— Halle, teen yogi

After a day filled with exams, assignments, and anxious thoughts over finishing high school, showing up to practice is a remedy for my worry.  

I show up to remind myself that it is “all okay.” I show up to remind myself to breathe. Even when my legs are on fire in chair pose, I breathe. When I’m stuck in my school parking lot, I breathe.  It is a practice that helps me to increase the value in myself, my patience, and my positivity.

Sometimes life can be rough, but every time I come to yoga it’s like life gets a renewal. I learn to start again. That’s what the practice has taught me - to start each moment again with a new breath.

I show up to practice because it adds depth to my soul, my breath, and the precious life that is on my mat.