Why I Show Up: Debi Darnell

I show up to connect.


I show up to breathe, to move, to play, to be silly, to heal, to process, to discover, and to just be. I show up to learn something new and to strengthen what I already know. I show up for me so that I can be the person who shows up for others. I show up so I can move past fear and move more into love.

It doesn't matter if I'm having the best day ever, or if I'm falling apart, the practice shows up for me every.single.time. and guides me right into what I need.  I show up so that I can continue to grow and be able to live this life as fully as possible. I show up because I am a better version of myself for doing so. I show up as a way to say thank you to my teachers, and to show gratitude for my students (who are also my teachers).

I am so thankful for this practice and this community who have taught me what it really means to show up.