Why I Show Up: Tammy Lyons

I show up because I believe in the power of breath and movement.



I believe that we are more than our thoughts and bigger than our doubts and fears.  I show up to this practice to become more of who I already am and less of who I think I should be.  I show up because I know, in my heart, that our energy is contagious & love always wins.  I have a deep yearning to spread the virus of love instead of the disease of anger.   

I show up because I know for sure that we are divine creatures living in a divine world and if we can connect with our light even for brief moments at a time, it gets more fluid, easier.  

I show up because I still have habits and demons that hold me prisoner at times and I believe that through the power of a consistent, dedicated practice, day after day, moment after moment, I will rise above the small me as the big me, the divine me, takes over.  

I show up because I love my people so much that I want to give them the best of me.  When I show up for me, I can show up for them.  It's that simple.