Why I Show Up: Shannon Sabol

I show up in my practice because I believe that yoga has the power to heal and transform.

 I have seen it in others and have witnessed it in myself.



 This practice has made me a more sensitive being, and has strengthen my ability to shine light on the darkness and reveal what's holding me back from feeling free.  My practice teaches me to shed layers that no longer serve me and be more comfortable in my own skin.  

I show up to the possibility that my struggles make me stronger.  I show up to accept my flaws, but also to see all the ways I am beautiful.  

I believe that the practice is life itself, and that if I choose to be a student with a curious mind and an open heart, I will always be connected to my teacher within.  Loving myself becomes easier the more I trust myself.  Everyday I have a choice to choose love over fear...and love feels so much better!