Why I Show Up: Marisa Tingle

Showing up means consistently stepping forward towards the most truthful version of myself, even on those days when I don’t quite know who I am.  

It means sharing the jagged broken pieces along with the polished shiny ones, because I have found there is no freedom in hiding.  Showing up means not categorizing or limiting myself in any way—but being courageously authentic.  

Showing up means making my breath bigger than my persistent doubts, fears, and insecurities.  It means believing in who I am and trusting that what I have to say is worthwhile.  Showing up means reaching beyond the limits of who I have been told I could be and recognizing that if my life is not expanding each day, then it is shrinking.  

Showing up means not denying any part of who I am but breathing in to the magnificent fullness of life, and knowing that as I step fully in, I am healing.