Why I Show Up: Dawn Schroeder



I show up because Life is precious and Yoga teaches me that I choose how I experience each moment of my life.  

My practice keeps me grounded and continues to soften the rough edges moving me toward the best version of myself.  

It connects me deeply to my inner world, a world that I once denied, and influences my beliefs and encourages me to Trust, Expand and Grow. 

Yoga shifted my perspective of the world coming “at me” to the world “offering me gifts” so I now face adversity without being crushed by it.  I show up on the easy days to offer support as I build strength and happiness and on the challenging days for a safe refugee to restore, heal and be supported.  

Yoga settles the craziness of my thoughts, creates a calmness, and reminds me that the world is in a state of constant change where I choose to either resist and be dragged along or to trust and flow. When I show up with honesty it is easier to manage all the “roles” I play without loosing myself. I show up with gratitude because Yoga is the fluidness that feeds my soul and navigates my path. I show up to humbly share this powerful practice.

I show up because I crave this Yoga community where I feel accepted and comfortable being my authentic self. I show up to fuel the sense of HOPE as I see so many people coming to this practice and transforming their lives. I show up because I truly believe that as we come together to breathe, move and heal we are collectively shifting consciousness toward a heart-based world where the essence of Yoga ~ Unity is.