Hannah Sampson

Bliss Maker

Yoga found me through my beautiful, soulful best friend and former bliss maker, Kaitlyn. Her months of urging me to make time to incorporate yoga into my hectic life finally got through to me.

I was only able to practice once a week, but I just grew from there. Kaitlyn and I brought our love for playing music to the studio and united the two most beautiful, warm works of art by playing during a few classes.

That experience of combining yoga and music brought out a greater passion for each that I had not previously grasped. Music found its permanent way into my life and I’m forever grateful that yoga was able to do the same.

The best thing about yoga is… the feeling afterwards of being 100% aware of 100% of your body.

Without yoga… a truly complete physical and mental break from your stresses does not exist.

I am not defined by… mistakes. They serve as a guide.

Love is… requited, unprejudiced, not worship.

The best hugs are… unexpected and tight. 

The best time of day is… bedtime.

I heart Cleveland because... the metroparks, the restored city life, the lake, the national qualifying sports teams, Cedar Point; what more could you ask for in a home?

Locally you might find me …eating sushi.

If I could live anywhere I would live …by myself in a remote Swiss chalet