Grace Mocho

Bliss Maker

Why yoga?  Yoga has taught me balance, relaxation, and the importance of gratitude and acknowledging my inner self. 

What makes you come alive? The act of doing something important and having a strong passion for it. When I love something I put all of my efforts into it. 

3 words to describe your teaching style: Thoughtful, Caring, and Passionate

Life before yoga: Careless and tense 

Life After yoga: I have found myself to be more patient and understanding also loving myself for who I am. 

Secret pleasure: Any live music performance

What is in your backpack: my laptop, chapstick, charger, headphones, water bottle and a bag of nuts  

What impact do you want to leave on the world: Open to all people of the world

If you had 4 legs & you were furry, what would you be? A dog

You are stuck on an island and can bring 3 things. What would they be? Speaker, notebook, and popcorn