Brian Bucher

Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

Helloooooo Yogis - I'm Brian and am a 15 out of 10 on joining the Inner Bliss team. Spreading positivity is my jam and look forward to pumping up the intensity. Its a fantastic opportunity to be teaching yoga at such a great studio.

The best thing about yoga is… The state of always being in practice. Then taking all of the good that comes on your mat and apply it attacking life.

Without yoga… I'm just a mediocre bro. Yoga is amazing.

I am not defined by… Anything - wait until I'm dead. Then write the book.  

Love is... Being really really passionate about something.  Also just caring - actually caring is love. I have every single one of love's answers figured out.   

The best hugs are… When I physically lift up the other person.  

The best time of day is… Anytime to be alive.

I heart Cleveland because… The people. It's where I was born and feel most comfortable in.  

Locally you might find me… The City of Cleveland's Corporate Limits. And occasionally rich Westside suburbs.  

If I could live anywhere, I'd live… Out of a bag. Travel.  

To keep things interesting... Stay busy. Believe in the good things coming.  #yoga #yolo