CLE peeps

Carl Cook of the Metanoia Project

I meet people every day that move me into a state of love.

Carl Cook and the work he does in this city moves me to open heartedness and into a state of inspiration.  

Through his Metanoia Project, he has created an offering for the homeless men and women of Cleveland. However, it is not just a shelter. It is a community gathering spot, an educational opportunity, a support system, and so much more.  

He runs the Metatoia Project and operates out of the Hospitality Center to the former school building on the property of St. Malachi Parish. His vision is that they become self-sufficient through recovery, life skills, finances and spirituality. Carl's enthusiasm to give & be of service to these men and women of CLE is truly remarkable.  

To learn more & support the program visit The Metanoia Project online.

Meet Justin Glanville

I love meeting people who are out in the world making a difference and choosing to live in CLE.

Justin Glanville is one of those kind of people.  

You may know him as a yoga teacher and an impactful one at that, but that is just the beginning of Justin's talents.  

To fully appreciate what Justin brings to CLE, check out his website:

A little bit about him... "I tell real stories of people and the ways they interact with – and find meaning in – the places where they live and work. To do that, I use the tools of journalism, narrative storytelling and urban planning."