How Your Thoughts Change Your Brain Cells


The words you say to yourself matter.

Everything that comes after "I am" is a prayer for yourself. 

The words you say inside the quiet of your mind are the language of your life. As yogis we know this on some level and yet it is not an easy feat to catch the bullsh*t and replace it with language that gives us a lift.  

Here's a practice to support the overhaul of your inner messaging:  

  1. Read this article  - it will convince you that your self words matter.
  2. Determine 3-4 words that capture the essence of how you want to feel daily, hourly, by the moment.  (My words are Faith, Fun, Focus, Freedom - they all start with the same letter to help me remember and they all represent feelings that I am moving towards at the start of this new year)
  3. Chant your new power words - out loud. That is correct, you have to say them out loud. You can do it in the shower, in your car riding solo or while out of a walk or run. It helps if you can tie in a physical experience like a jog, jumping jacks, or even seated pumping your arms over your head and back down.  

Notice how you feel after you chant your new words. Catch yourself when you are saying negative messages and change them to your new chant! 

If this seems simple, it is. But not easy. Commit to this practice for one week and witness the magic of your own voice!