Try This ❤️


A dear yoga teacher at Inner Bliss recently shared this affirming letter to myself recently.

I am compelled to share it because many students have asked me to do so. Place your hand on your heart and read aloud.

My dearest self,

I am so sorry for neglecting you, for blaming you, and for allowing other people's energy to influence you. I will stop beating you up when we're alone together. I will stop telling you to never open your heart again. I will stop reminding you of all of your mistakes, traumas, and heartbreaks.

I forgive you, for everything. You are free now. It is safe here. I will take care of you now. I will listen to you now. You are so strong, you are so brave. You are magical. You are a sacred being that came here for a reason. And neither your past nor your present can take that power or that purpose away because it was given to you by God. You have a piece of God within you. A piece of the whole Universe. Stardust. Find it. Let yourself laugh again. Let yourself open.

I honor all parts of you. I embrace all parts of you. I honor this sacredness, and I honor the messy, fuckedupness. I give you permission to be powerful. I give you permission to be great. I give you permission to embrace your sexuality. I give you permission to dance. I give you permission to let go. To forgive others and release them. And I give you permission to work hard at something you love and succeed. I honor all emotions and use them as a radar.

Self, thank you so much for being here and doing life. Thank you for being me. I remember now, I am awesome, and I've got this.

Because we can't fix our outer world until we fix our inner world.