Energizing Poses

If you are inviting more energy into your life, try these poses!

Even one pose a day helps keep your energy awake!

Sometimes we give up on our yoga because we can't get to class or we don't have a full hour to dedicate. Know that your practice is there for you, even if you only have time for one pose!

Try one of these at the office, waiting in line somewhere, or in shower in the morning:

  • Mountain Pose with arms overhead: This simple pose allows us to feel our feet on the ground, connected to something bigger than our thoughts while extending our arms over the head reaching for all that is possible.  It is a beautiful symmetry of grounded but enlivened and awake!
  • Bridge Pose: This beautiful heart opener also invigorates our nervous system in a non-taxing way. It releases tension in the shoulder and upper back from sitting at a desk all day and perks up our energy better than a Starbucks! All you need is a little clean floor space and no shoes to practice this heart opening gem of a pose.

You don't always need a mat to practice your yoga!