As it turns out, practicing fun every day is not easy.

It is a simple concept that makes sense.

When we plug in to practice something meaningful to us, to make it a ritual in our day, everything is impacted as we invite it into our lives. But as in all practices, we get derailed. Defeated. While practicing having fun was my way of inviting more fun, laughter and ease, less heaviness into my life, it doesn't mean that all of the sudden it's all fun and games. Just because we practice doesn't mean we get it right every time.

I almost gave up the whole practice. Some gray days made having fun seem like a waste of time. Some heavy moments made having fun seem super far away. But then I remembered why I started it and became re-energized. I started because I do believe that finding fun, laughing, dancing, discovering new places and people inevitably leads us into our heart and connects us with our life force. In short, having fun lights us up!  

My mantra is to begin again. It is the essence of the inhale and the exhale. Begin again is the foundation of any kind of yoga practice whether it is a down dog, seated meditation practice or in this case making room for fun. Reinvigorated and ready to begin again here I go on this path of fun. Because I know for sure that when I'm practicing I have more to give.

What is your "begin again"? A practice that you gave up on? 

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