James Douglas

James Douglas, photographer, artist and a goof!  

We recently needed to update our Team Bliss photos for an upcoming website renovation and we went to James to capture the essence of Inner Bliss!  

James & I have 2 things in common: neither of us is from here & we both are in love with CLE!  

We also share an exaggerated love for our four-legged family members (Ginnie & Happy).

Our collaboration goes back several years meeting for a Dark Portrait (this is a project James has been working on for years and deserves it's own blog story) and then we put together a super fun large scale yoga event at his studio and ever since have supported one another's work.  

James is outrageously talented, he is incredibly approachable and warm and he loves this city with a vengeance.  

Check out more of his work: http://jamesdouglas.com/about/