Avocado Toast

I fell in love with this little meal after spending tons of time at our downtown studio and frequenting Restore Cold Pressed.

While I don't cook, I can prepare!  

This little meal is perfect for me because there is no cooking involved and yet the nutritional value and deliciousness of the little toast is right up my alley!! While the Avocado Toast at Restore is way yummier than mine, I have it down for my "home version".  Ezekiel bread is a must! You can get it in the frozen health food section of both Heinen's and Whole Foods. Because Ezekiel is made from Sprouted Grain instead of flour, it is easily digestible and has a much greaert nutritional value than normal bread.

I love the experience of going into Restore and when I can, that is my fav. But in a pinch, my home Avocado Bread is the bomb!