Amber Smith

Bliss Maker

I am one of those crazy people obsessed with their dog and pretty much any other dog I see. I am a lifestyle photographer and enjoy using yoga to fuel my creative fire and bring peace to my often, scattered mind. I have been practicing yoga for about two years and I will never forget my feeling of new beginnings after the first time I walked onto my mat. I believe in the power of the breath and that new beginnings are given to us every single day, we just have to choose them.

What makes me come alive? Deep conversations and seeing the spark in people's eyes when they talk of something they are passionate about. And the way my dog greets me when I walk in the door!

The best thing about yoga is...  the community.

Favorite indulgence? Chocolate!

Yoga in one word...  introspective.

Best time of the day... Dawn, there's a beauty in the golden light and feeling like the whole world is at peace.

Best hugs are... "I've missed you" hugs.

If I could live anywhere... I would live here in Cleveland, we have it all!

To keep things interesting I... Take time disconnected, to refuel myself.

I am so blessed... to be surrounded by loving, supportive friends and family.