Kristen Tsangeos

How I show up... by setting an intention to be present in the moment.

Favorite yoga pose… Half Moon.

Other ways I move my body… dancing, always dancing.

Favorite indulgence... sushi, and chips/salsa.

What I love to do in my free time… read, cook, dance, yoga, explore the metroparks, and spend time with close friends and family.

The best time of the day... the quiet morning, when I am able to set an intention for the day.

Love is… unconditional support.

The best hugs are... provided when unknowingly needed.

I love the season of… sweet, warm Summer, and then the transition into Fall.

My guilty pleasure... binge watching TV shows on Netflix.


Bliss Maker

After receiving an undergraduate degree at Ohio University I worked at a Marketing/Technology company for about 4 years. A few years into the job, I decided to do some soul searching and realized I wanted to do something more rewarding and made a career change. Currently, I am studying at Cleveland State University to become a School Counselor, and am interning at North Ridgeville High School.

Although I had attended a few classes at the gym at Ohio University, I didn't truly find yoga until I attended an All Levels class at Inner Bliss taught by Laura Ross in 2010. What I love about yoga is that you can practice anywhere, but there is something special about being in a class with other eager yogis; the instructors' calming voice, the warmth, smells of incense, and the positive energy - I was immediately hooked! Yoga is forgiving, non-judgmental, and has helped me both physically, mentally, and spiritually.