Katie Brown

Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga finds us at the time we need it most. It's like a dear friend that meets you with wide open arms.

I took my first yoga class searching for some relief from years of sports injuries that left my body feeling worn out and tired. I left the class that first night and have never felt so grateful that yoga found me. The physical practice makes me feel strong, balanced and connected.

But what keeps me coming back over and over are the way it has followed me off my mat. The awareness, the forgiveness, the acceptance, the stillness and the healing. Yoga truly meets us exactly where we are.

My love for this practice led me to pursue my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Inner Bliss Yoga Studio. My teachers, my students, my family and friends are a constant source support and growth for me. Yoga is the connector of all things. It just starts with an open heart and little bit of hope.

The best thing about yoga is... The breath.  The gift of knowing that after every deep inhale comes a sweet exhale.

Without yoga.... I would be a hot mess.  And on the days where I am still a hot mess yoga has given me the ability to be ok with the mess.

I am not defined by.... My mistakes. 

Love is..... Limitless.

The best hugs are... The ones that get stronger as the hug goes on.

The best time of day is... Early evening, right before the sun starts to set. The feeling of the hustle and bustle of the day beginning to slow down and settle in to the night.

I heart Cleveland because... of its ability to connect us all to each other. I love the feeling that you will probably run into someone you know no matter where you go!

Locally you might find me at... Inner Bliss (of course), chauffeuring my boys around town, going to dinners with my husband Ryan and our boys at the amazing restaurants that Cleveland has to offer and Mitchell's (see Guilty Pleasure).

If I could live anywhere I would live... Right here in CLE or a little beach town on the ocean where I can hear the waves roll in and out.

 To keep things interesting I .... Try and step out of my comfort zone. Which sometimes feels like dragging myself but I am always glad I did!

My guilty pleasure is... Mitchell's Ice Cream!

I am so blessed... to have a amazing husband and two awesome boys,  a loving family that lives close by, friends that are almost like family and my yoga practice.

I always.... Try not to say always, because you just never know what will happen next!