Jennifer Yuhas

What makes me come alive... boisterous dinners with family and friends, live music, dancing, reading, meaningful conversations, shopping, and being outdoors.

I fell in love with yoga when... I realized the practice provided a foundation and the tools to make sense of and manage my life. 

Other ways I move my body... I love to run. 

I am so blessed with... physical and emotional wellness, loving family and supportive friendships.

I wish for... peace of mind, peace of heart for all.

Words that lift my heart... ‘What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’ – Henry David Thoreau

I am not defined by... my fears.

The breath is... Grace.

Love is... in everything and everyone.

My classes are... thoughtful, powerful & invigorating.

E-RYT 200 & Development Director

I took my very first yoga class in the winter of 1999 with my brother. We were in an old and stinky basement of a YMCA. The room was completely dark except for one lonely candle that flickered by our movements.  We rolled out our mats on the dank carpeting and began our practice. Things were going well until the teacher told us to “be the cow and let your utters hang low.”  I was doing my best not to make eye contact with my brother who I knew would make me crack up with laughter just like he did when we were in church as kids and then it happened, we both lost it and were in tears laughing. We walked out of class light and happy. 

I am honored to practice and study with extraordinary teachers yet the most exceptional teacher continues to be life itself. It is a privilege to teach at Inner Bliss and work within such a vibrant and thriving yoga community. 

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