Jeanna Lax

What makes me come alive… music, travel, delicious food, & love!

I fell in love with yoga when… I experienced my first deep state of (Satchitananda) "being-awareness-bliss" that lasted long after a class.

Other ways I move my body… dancing.

Most inspiring book… Being There by Jerzy Kosinski.

Favorite place to shop, locally...Nature's Bin.

How I unwind… aside from yoga- laughing out loud at a great comedy show or film.

If I could live anywhere I would live… in Southern France or Spain

Look for me at… Capitol Theater, but don't creep up on me in the dark! 

I love the season of… Fal-mer (that's the seldom praised and very elusive season between Summer and Fall).

My favorite hot beverage... Spiced Chai.


Bliss Maker

Before finding yoga, I studied dance for many years and considered pursuing it professionally. When life brought me down a different road, I found yoga to supplement that persistent need to connect with my body, unwind, breathe, and move through space and time without the noisy chatter of my mind. I was lucky to have had dance teachers who incorporated yoga principles and poses in their teaching, but I didn't even know that I was basically practicing yoga almost every day! I was more than pleased when I discovered my first yoga class, because it is everything I wanted it to be but without the competition and fuss! Yoga has provided me with the opportunity to look within, and to strengthen the connection that I have with my body, my mind, my soul, the environment, and with the people in my life. Being at Inner Bliss and sharing in this experience with others is such a wonderful gift!