All About Our 'Awakening the Spirit Within' Workshop

This workshop combines discussion, yoga practice, meditation and music to allow you to fulfill your heart's desire. 

This workshop combines discussion, yoga practice, meditation and music to allow you to fulfill your heart's desire. 

Awaken your spirit within to create and manifest what matters most to you. 

Kathy Hayes and Level4's William Gargiulo are partnering to elevate spirits and bring out your spirit's true potential.

Access, connect and manifest what is highest within you through this 2-day workshop, where you will:

  • Understand the attributes and power of your spirit and what it can manifest
  • Learn a process to rapidly access your spirit to unleash it's fullness in your life
  • Identify what your spirit is most passionate about and loves to manifest
  • Create a deep seeded intention and manifestation plan 

Kathy recently shared some details about the workshop for students who might like to sign up:

Whom is this workshop for?

Those who want to awaken their spirit and express their highest potential. 

What makes it different from other Inner Bliss workshops? Is there yoga involved?  

This is a workshop blending yoga to open, discussion and learning to discover and using new tools to create and manifest your potential. 

What will the workshop format be? What should a student bring?

Bring a journal and your yoga mat.  Active learning will occur through presentation, discussion and movement

Can you explain your partnership with William and what roles you will both have in the workshop?

The two of us have co-created this workshop after years of spiritual exploration. I have focused on developing the spirit through yoga and William is an Executive Coach who has led organizations globally to develop their leaders for over 20 years. Together we created a workshop to take you beyond understanding to true awakening by developing tools you will learn to use to access your spirit and heart's desire, and live in that space creating your spirit's most full expression. 

What is your favorite part about teaching this workshop?  

Our intention is to create the space and understanding and inspiration for people to discover how to connect to and access their spirit to manifest what matters most to their heart. That's an amazing thing to witness! 

Date: June 3 AND June 4
Time: 1:30-5:00PM

Location: Inner Bliss Downtown 
Cost: $175 per person, $75 for college/high school students, 2 free spots as scholarships (contact Kathy at to request scholarship) 

William Gargiulo, author of Make It Work, Executive and Life Coach, Talent Practice Speaker, and Principal/Founder of Level4 Group.

William Gargiulo, author of Make It Work, Executive and Life Coach, Talent Practice Speaker, and Principal/Founder of Level4 Group.

Kathy Hayes, Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher

Kathy Hayes, Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher

Kathy found yoga after years of competitive running left her with no other options. Over stressed joints combined with a stressful corporate job were the perfect storm for finding yoga.  

At the time, Bikram yoga was booming in San Francisco where Kathy lived, so she gave it a try and found her love. After 6 months of practice and thousands of gallons of sweat, she headed to LA and  enrolled in Bikram teacher training. 

Upon completing training she moved to Michigan to resume her corporate job, but couldn't leave yoga behind.  She started a yoga program at a local nature center and also began a yoga program at Whirlpool's world headquarters.  

When Kathy moved to Cleveland she discovered Inner Bliss and found her yoga home.  She delighted in the sense of community and IBY experience. She taught here for a few years before taking an opportunity to fulfill a dream to live and work overseas. Kathy continued teaching in Europe, sharing yoga with her Nestle counterparts.  

In addition to Bikram Kathy has studied with David Swenson, Cameron Shane Shiva Rae, Anna Forrest and Kathryn Budig among others. 

Kathy loves to teach beginners as she is happy to share the potential of the practice, but also loves teaching advanced students, having fun exploring new poses and breathing techniques and going deeper. 

William Gargiulo coaches and consults with people and professionals all over the world, including many Fortune 250 Global Companies.

William's career and expertise span 20+ years across multiple continents in both public and private sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing and consumer goods industries.

Prior to creating Level4 Group, William was the Vice President of Talent and Organization Development for a 41 billion dollar healthcare conglomerate as well as the Global Director of Talent for a 25 billion dollar consumer goods organization.

William co-authored Make It Work, the seminal book on renewing  individual/organizational engagement through a totally new and revolutionary practice called INgagement. He is also well recognized as an Executive and Life Coach who created Level4 Life Coaching: a unique simple, powerful three-step methodology to remove mental patterns and blocks, elevate personal power, and create what matters most.

He is also a speaker in the areas of passion and INgagement, total talent management, organizational engagement & leadership development. William holds and MBA from the Garvin School of International Management, and an Strategic Intervention Coaching Certification from the Robbins-Maddanes Institute. Currently he works and resides in Dallas.