Erin Fox

The best thing about yoga is … with practice, it reveals what was always there: the true you, the fearless, doubtless, effortless you who can live and love with ease.

Without yoga … I’m just not the girl I was meant to be.

I am not defined by … my mistakes.

Love is … our gift to give.

The best hugs are … tight squeezes from my little girls and the supporting, loving hugs I can offer my friends and family.

The best time of day is … early in the morning, before anyone else is awake and I’m walking or running outside – a favorite time to be thankful for all I’m blessed with in my life.  While they don’t occur often lately, they sure are the best.

I heart Cleveland because … Cleveland brought my parents together.  As young teenagers, they travelled alone to the States from different parts of Ireland.  They met here, worked their backsides off here and raised us here.  Cleveland is the heart of my story.

Locally you might find me … in my minivan with my little people: preschool pickup, grade school pickup, library, grocery store, the list goes on!  I also love grownup dinners with my husband John.

If I could live anywhere I would live … on the water, in the warmth, with my family and my mat.

To keep things interesting … I turn on the music!

Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

I began to attend as many classes as I could and I was even bringing my girls to their own yoga classes at Inner Bliss. There many times I left a class wishing I had found this connection with yoga so much sooner, like say in my childhood.  I continued with classes and then ventured into 10-day whole foods and yoga Experience at Inner Bliss with Tammy – and that was the game changer.

It was in this Experience that I decided I would pursue yoga training for children… to help me raise my children. During my two trainings with Child Light Yoga, it became clear to me that this would be my passion.  

I truly believe and know that kids need yoga, especially in our world today. My classes are fun and creative and have just enough breath and movement to give a little knock at the door to our youngest little yogis. My happy place is now my workplace, and I am so thankful and blessed to join this team of wonderful teachers. I am honored to share my love of yoga with your children.