Elena Milner

The best thing about yoga is… total relaxation, the fact that practicing yoga is practicing self love.  

Without yoga… I'd have a difficult time finding inner peace, it's the best time to connect and check in with myself. 

I am not defined by… anyone but myself. 

Love is… the root of all things good.

The best hugs are… all hugs!

The best time of day is… the morning- it's your fresh start. 

I heart Cleveland because... it's where I met the love of my life! 

Locally you might find me… exploring Lakewood. I'm an avid foodie and I love supporting local spots. 

If I could live anywhere I would live… in a bungalow on the beach in Hawaii 

To keep things interesting… a little fact about me is that I'm also singer/songwriter! I've been writing, recording and performing for 15 years. 

Bliss Maker

Yoga found me when I was in a dark place with myself. I was still young, only 18, and didn't really know where I fit in or who I was yet. I was at the gym one day and saw a yoga class posted for that day and decided to try it. I instantly fell in love, throughout the class I was breathing in positivity and breathing out any negative thoughts or energy. By the end of that first class I walked out with my head held a little bit higher and a feeling that weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I continued to practice daily because not only did my body feel great but my soul did too. Fast forward nine years, I'd stopped practicing but just when I got back to that unsure place in my life yoga has found me again. I took my first hot class here at inner bliss, ironically the instructor was talking about loving yourself and not letting negative thoughts get the best of you. Yoga mixed with a bit of motivational speaking is the best! Now here I am excited to be a bliss maker, so that I can help yoga find the people that need it most.