Heal code  - classes and workshops



heating:  the studio ail be heated with a sophisticated system built for IBY
parking,: there is 2 hour street parking along both sides of Huron and several garages.  There is a garage on Huron that is $2 an hour!
mat capacity: the practice space is very similar to River and accommodates 60 mats
boutique offerings,: lots of studio to street wear, jewelry and many other goodie! 
class schedule: I don't have the schedule yet - but we will offer 45 minute lunchtime classes and lots of evening classes.  

In terms of making "finishing" decisions, here are some tidbits:


Sarah Scott designed the space & wanted to bring in elements from both River & Westlake like a curved wall in the lobby, the circular red rug and lots of windows!


Alex Loos of Hans Noble Design is crafting all of our furniture & I would love to promote Alex.


Downtown IBY will feature a hip, big destination boutique


Downtown IBY will be our first studio with a shower! #rinseandgo