Claire Kaufman

The best time of day… early evening before the sun sets.

To keep things interesting… I try to visit new places as much as possible, in and out of Ohio

I heart Cleveland because… the people here are friendly, my family is here and the Metroparks and Lake are beautiful.

I’m so blessed… to have a close family, a loving husband and healthy children.

Without yoga… I would feel more anxious and be less healthy.

The best hugs are… the really tight ones!

The breath is… What you need it to be, soothing, healing, invigorating….

The best thing about yoga… is the awareness it brings and the healing it offers.

I love the season of… summer! The sun, the heat, water, no school, lots of play

Love is… unconditional.


Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

My journey began in the Colorado mountains where I took my first yoga class, on vacation, under the trees. Wow, I felt so alive and was hooked! Not long after, I found Inner Bliss, my yoga home where I have been able to deepen my practice in a supportive atmosphere.

I've learned so much about myself through my practice and it has truly enriched my life in so many ways. Physically, I'm a different person. Spiritually, I feel closer to God and emotionally I'm a work in progress and enjoying the trip.

I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at T.R.Y.4 Life and have enjoyed teaching in homes and at health clubs but love the energy at IBY where I feel honored to be part of the teaching family. As a teacher, I hope to lovingly enrich and support your own practice and encourage you to keep coming back to your mat where you can challenge yourself to grow