Cassie Szekely

The best thing about yoga is... that wherever you are in your life the practice has a way of speaking to each of us individually. It also can bring strangers together to experience a sense of community in the practice as well. 

Without yoga... I would not be able to experience the necessary feeling of growth that helps carry me through these years of change and new experiences. 

I am not defined by... my past, I'm only defined by how I chose to change from those experiences. 

Love is... a concept that I am still trying to figure out of the meaning of myself. I'm only 20 years old and am still discovering what that means and how it functions in each relationship. 

The best hugs... are given and not received. 

The best time of day is... whenever you have time to yourself to destress and mellow out. 

I heart Cleveland because... of the sense of community and the friendly nature of the people who live here. 

Locally you might find me... at Starbucks! 

If I could live anywhere I would live... in Chicago. I have a lot of family there and have been going there since I was little. It's a magical city! 

To keep things interesting I... surround myself with outgoing people that challenge me to try new things!